Inaphaea BioLabs Launch

Alina Dulija, Senior Researcher at Sci Partners attended the Inaphaea Biolabs Launch in Nottingham yesterday. 

Inaphaea BioLabs is a new Nottingham pharmaceutical services company, based in MediCity (UK), offering cell-based assays specialising in oncology and women’s health.

Its aim is to improve the translation of early drug discovery projects. Inaphaea will provide testing services that generate the necessary data, analysis and insights to aid decision making in translational drug development.

The company is a spin out from ValiRx PLC and its core team within Inaphaea has a strong background of preclinical and clinical drug development, and of understanding both the commercial and scientific needs of its data recipients.

“It was amazing to see so many talented individuals who have travelled from all parts of England to gather in MedCity’s fantastic conference facility,” explains Alina. “A special thank you should go to Bionow and Dr. Andrew Carnegie for making it all happen. The key takeaway for me was a reminder how interconnected the Life Science sector is. No matter how big or small your company is, how long it has been in operation – or even how far along the drug development process is – they all have the same goal, to save and improve lives of millions of patients, by collaborating, supporting and sharing their findings with the world. Together, even by taking something so deadly like venom, we can turn in into someone’s hope for a much brighter future.”

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