Science Creates Engineering Biology Accelerator

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Science Creates in Bristol, we are delighted to announce our involvement in the launch of the Science Creates Engineering Biology Accelerator.

Founded in partnership with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), The Science Creates Engineering Biology Accelerator is open to individuals and very early-stage start-ups with a focus on Engineering Biology. The programme includes financial support and the opportunity to apply for further follow-on funding from the UKRI.

The potential for Engineering Biology research is diverse and includes amelioration of climate issues, discovery of new sources of sustainable energy and pandemic control.

We are honoured that three leaders from the SCi Partners team have been appointed as Executive Search advisors and mentors to the programme participants – Paul Edwards, Dafydd Wright and Tarquin Bennett-Coles. 

Do pass on information about the programme to your colleagues in Engineering Biology who may be looking for support and mentoring as part of this accelerator. You can find out more here.

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