Who are We?

We are recognised experts within the life science executive search, interim management and investment community.

SCi Partners brings together extensive collective experience in international, senior level appointments. Our partners are recognised for their careers in leading boutique executive search and interim management firms, including Horton Consulting Partnership LLP and Ruston Poole International.

Our team excel at supporting businesses from infancy, tech-transferring technology out with limited funding, right through to pre- and post-IPO activity, M&A and beyond. Our tailored offering of executive search, interim management and consultancy services support business leaders  scale, adapt and grow.

Whilst our name is newly introduced, SCi Partners is simply about bringing together a select group of people, collegiate in approach and dedicated to making a difference to people focussed on bringing new medical treatments and technologies to market.

Our Values

We as a team have defined our own values. Strong values should be the guiding force for employees – in making decisions, problem solving and working with customers. This is why the SCi Partners’ team defined their own values, guiding their daily interaction with both clients and candidates.

Act with Integrity

“we are honest, transparent, ethical and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and candidates."

Believe in Equality

“everyone deserves equal opportunities. We believe everyone should be seen, heard, valued and empowered to succeed. Hearing diverse perspectives fuels innovation, deepens relationships and makes us better as an individual and Company."

Be Accountable

“we accept full responsibility for our decisions, actions and results”

Work Together

“collaborate and share ideas and knowledge. Seek and integrate a diverse range of perspectives, people and ideas. Give and ask for feedback to improve ourselves and others.”

Challenge respectfully

"we are curious without apology. If we are not asking the right questions, we will never deliver the best solution”

Working Together

Every assignment has its unique demands, and this is when the true nature of a partner shines through. We pride  ourselves in being engaged, tenacious and united as a team in delivering the best for our clients. We remain calm and confident in our ability to deliver, empathetic to your needs and creative in finding innovative solutions.

Team members are engaging, energetic and motivated; above all deeply experienced, knowledgeable and networked within their specific area of expertise.

You will find us personable, collegiate, and fun to work with.

Meet the Team

SCi Partners experienced team of consultants look forward to meeting you.