Giant Health Event 2023

In a dynamic session at the GIANT Health Event, recognised by the Financial Times as “Europe’s largest, most valuable annual festival of health-tech innovation,” our Managing Partner, Dafydd Wright, reported that the spotlight of the day was on Joanna Gould, CEO and Co-founder of VisusNano Ltd.

Pre-clinical VisusNano Ltd, is making waves with its groundbreaking work on drug-eluting intraocular lens implants. These implants are set to revolutionise cataract surgery, improving patient outcomes and eliminating post-surgery requirements for eye drops and laser treatment. The impact extends to both human and veterinary markets.

Joanna candidly shared her journey, explaining how her CEO role was unplanned. As a startup founder, she emphasised the critical importance of securing early funding, urging entrepreneurs to raise more capital during the initial stages.

Joanna emphasised the practical value of each accelerator and incubator program VisusNano Ltd. engaged in, highlighting their role in the company’s growth.

Closing on a no-nonsense note, she stressed the pivotal role of a robust CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls) team. Success, according to Joanna, hinges on having a skilled and dedicated team.

Set against the backdrop of the Financial Times accolade, the GIANT Health Event stands as Europe’s largest and most valuable annual festival of health-tech innovation. Boasting over 25 conferences, 450 speakers, immersive workshops, and the Beanstalks global start-up competition, the event serves as a catalyst for transformative ideas.

In alignment with GIANT’s vision to improve global health and well-being, the event creates opportunities for networking and collaboration. In 2023, the organisers will host two events aimed at connecting individuals who might not cross paths.

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