Cambridge Tech Week International Day

Yesterday, Tarquin Bennett-Coles, Senior Partner at SCi Partners was invited to speak at Cambridge
Tech Week on ‘The Skills and Talent Base in Tech and Healthcare Convergence’.

Taking place at Cambridge’s Bradfield Centre, and hosted by Harriet Fear MBE of Cambridgeand, Tarquin spoke to delegates from as far as China, Bolivia, Dubai and China. He explained the benefits of an executive search model for clients which included having a client ambassador within the industry and a smooth start to recruitment. Clients benefit from clear timelines and costs and can be sure that attention is given to both company culture and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (E, D & I). The deep expertise of the executive search partner makes it easier to manage client expectations, handle E, D & I and understand market dynamics. Discussing hiring trends, Tarquin explained that for candidates there is a focus on social justice, CSR and sustainability and a spotlight on the employee value proposition and E, D & I. Candidates value remote and hybrid working models which clients must integrate into their plans to attract the best candidates.

Clients are operating in times of significant market uncertainty with the fallout from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, the pandemic, Brexit, funding pressure in Private Equity and Venture Capital and reduced mandates for international relocation. Clients are more risk averse and companies are engaged in the challenges of remote hires and exits. Tarquin highlighted that this is the first time we have seen five generations in the workplace, with Gen Z now in its 20s.

Tarquin is a well recognised figure in the Cambridge life sciences community and we are sure that his
points were appreciated by the audience.

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