Widening international candidate reach

SCi Partners is delighted to welcome Bethany Latham to our Research Team, further expanding our ability to identify and engage with people on behalf of our customers.

Bethany graduated in 2021 with a 1st Class honours degree in History

Dafydd Wright, Managing Partner commented “I was delighted when Bethany agreed to be a part of our growing team. I know we have a lot to offer Bethany as she develops and expands her professional knowledgebase in life sciences recruitment. However we in turn also have an opportunity to learn and much to gain from Bethany’s views and her approach to problem solving. I’m really looking forward to the year ahead and to building our capabilities together”.

Bethany comments “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join, and I can’t wait to expand my knowledge base both within executive search and life sciences. It is a wonderful opportunity, and I hope to be an asset to the team and provide a new perspective”.

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