Bethany Latham Transitions from Researcher to Consultant Role at SCi Partners

Bethany Latham, SCi Partners researcher with a proven track record of delivering high-quality results, is excited to announce her transition from her role as a researcher to a consultant.

With years of experience in conducting in-depth research and providing valuable insights to her clients, Bethany Latham is ready to take on a new challenge in her career. As a consultant, she will leverage her expertise to offer strategic guidance and tailored solutions to her clients, specifically within the Cell & Gene Therapy space. Bethany already has experience of working as a consultant, having led on a number of projects over the past 6 months, however she will now be exclusively working as a consultant.

Managing Partner, Dafydd Wright:

‘In addition to outstanding research support, Bethany has personally driven team builds to some of our closest relationships in advanced therapies and SME pharma. Moving into the Consultant role builds on these experiences, taking an increasing level of responsibility when assisting organisations to hire and expand their teams.’

An active member of the CGT Circle, Bethany particularly enjoys working with early phase life science companies, helping to build out world-class teams in innovative organisations, operating at the ‘bleeding-edge’ of scientific revolution.

Not only understanding but championing the importance of diversity, Bethany strives to ensure that her interactions with both candidates and clients are considerate, inclusive and tailored to individual needs. She firmly believes that organisational strength is found in an intersectional diverse cohort.

Bethany is known for her analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to develop innovative solutions to address her clients’ needs. Her transition to a consulting role will allow her to further utilise these skills and make a broader impact in her field.

Bethany Latham:

I’m ecstatic to be able to continue to support clients but from a new perspective, and looking forward to what’s in store. It has been great to continue to grow and learn at SCI Partners, and this new role is an opportunity to expand upon that’

In her new role, Bethany will continue to provide exceptional service to her clients, offering valuable advice and expertise to help them achieve their goals.

For more information about Bethany Latham and her consulting services, please visit her LinkedIn profile

07916 808564

About Bethany Latham

Joining SCi Partners after an assignment as a human resources intern at HR Circle, she graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2021 with a first-class honours degree in History, having submitted her dissertation on Disability Rights. Her strong background in research has made her an asset to the team and she has developed a broad understanding of biotechnology and executive search.

Congratulations to Bethany.

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