Case Study – Head of Sales & Marketing

Head of Sales & Marketing

Retained Search Case Study: BMG Labtech


Client Overview:

BMG Labtech is a UK-focused business specializing in the development and production of microplate readers for the life sciences industry. Their innovative technology supports research and diagnostic efforts globally.


Executive Position:

The role of Head of Sales & Marketing was critical within the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), reporting directly to the General Manager (GM). This leadership position was essential for driving business strategy amidst significant growth. Given the urgent need for the right candidate to future-proof the business, internal resources were insufficient, necessitating an external search.


Recruitment Outlook:

BMG Labtech had previously relied on contingency recruitment or their internal talent acquisition team based in Germany and had never engaged in a retained search. Our long-term relationship with the GM facilitated ongoing conversations about the benefits of a retained search, emphasizing the safety and control it offers.


Market Conditions:

The market was experiencing instability, with many professionals preferring to stay in their current roles for job security. 


Company Size:  

As a relatively smaller business, convincing top-tier candidates of the company’s scope and potential was challenging.


Skill Set Requirements:  

The ideal candidate needed a unique blend of sales experience, marketing acumen, and the gravitas to lead and inspire a team. This combination was rare and hard to find.


Cultural Fit:  

Beyond the necessary skills, the candidate needed to align with the company’s culture and values, which was a critical aspect of the search.


Geographic Challenges:  

Finding a candidate who was not only qualified but also willing to relocate or travel frequently posed an additional challenge.


Process and Strategy

To address these challenges, we employed a comprehensive retained search strategy:


Client Education:  

We brought the client into our office to discuss the retained search process, highlighting the benefits such as enhanced control and a higher success rate in finding the right candidate.


Market Mapping:  

Conducted extensive market research to identify potential candidates with the required skill set and cultural fit.


Candidate Presentation:

Presented a shortlist of candidates, each with detailed profiles highlighting their qualifications, experience, and cultural alignment.


Client Collaboration:

Worked closely with BMG Labtech throughout the process, providing regular updates and facilitating interviews and assessments to ensure a smooth and transparent selection process.



Through our retained search process, we successfully identified and placed a highly qualified Head of Sales & Marketing at BMG Labtech. The appointed candidate not only brought the necessary skills and experience but also fit seamlessly into the company culture, driving forward the business strategy and contributing to the company’s growth and success.



Our partnership with BMG Labtech demonstrates the value of retained search in identifying and securing top talent for critical leadership positions. By addressing the specific challenges and leveraging our expertise, we were able to deliver a successful outcome that aligned with the client’s strategic goals.

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