REAP Conference 2022

Dafydd Wright and Tarquin Bennett-Coles delved into innovation in agriculture at last week’s Agri-TechE conference REAP. Agriculture is deep into the digital revolution with advanced sensors and tools employing robots and AI to improve yields and automate processes.

We were particularly interested in bioscience startups employing exciting innovation. REAP showcased genetic tools for livestock breeders and bio stimulants to protect wheat yields. We were intrigued by FLOURISH, an alternative way to protect plants from harmful bacteria. Disrupting the metabolism of the pathogen using bacteria or phages, FLOURISH enables natural competition to create a healthy growing environment. The bio-technology has been shown to reduce harmful bateria (pseudomonas syringae and botrytis cinerea) in tomatoes by more than 99.9%, doubling the weight of the yield.

Now that we are members of Agri-techE, we look forward to attending more informative events and would like to thank the organisers for an excellent speaker line up.

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